Прилет в ОАЭ

Oaae Tourist Memoranda

Before leaving the airport

  1. Check the following documents:
    • Foreign passport;
    • Entry authorization (e-visa copy);
    • Witcher;
    • Insurance policy;
    • Air travel;
    • If necessary, a notarized consent to the departure of a child in accordance with article 20 of the Federal Act on the procedure for departure from the Russian Federation and the procedure for entry into the Russian Federation and the birth certificate.
    We recommend that we take the cartoons of foreign and Russian passports, the birth certificate of the child, if you go along with the child.
  2. Look at your airline and check the airport and the flight time.
    EMIRATES airlines record the baggage at 90 minutes before leaving, recording without baggage expires 60 minutes before leaving, at 60 minutes before leaving. AIR ARABIA The registration deadline is 60 minutes before departure.

Airport code: ROV

The registration of a flight to Rostova-n-Donu Airport begins two hours before exit and ends 40 minutes before departure.

Public transport can reach the airport:

  • Bus No7, 7a, 95, 124
  • Trolleybus No. 9
  • Marshrut taxi No7a, 52, 95

To the services of tourists arriving at their cars, THINKA No. 1 and THINK No. 3. Long-range parking No. 3 is located opposite the postal and freight transport building. The parking facility is equipped with an automatic VECTOR_AR pass system and surveillance cameras.

TEZ TOUR at the airport

1st floor of the international terminal. The representative is in front of the entrance, at the stairs. Registration begins two hours before departure.

  1. Check the information on your flight to the information tablo and go to the registration counters whose plate numbers are on the table. If the registration passes, a passport and a ticket will be made.
  2. Pass the bags at the registration counter.
  3. Get a landing ticket. Pay attention to the exit number and the time to board the plane (in the boarding table, the exit is marked by the word GATE, time TIME).
  4. Once registration has been completed and a landing announcement has been announced, it is necessary to enter the relevant areas for international flights.
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