Португалия Фото -1

Portugal Tourist Memorial

There are only two types of food in all guided tour programmes.StandardAndStandard plus
Only breakfasts are included in the tablet type of meals, and the table plus includes the selected number of lunches and dinners declared in your program.

Included Transfers from/at the airport (for the purchase of additional nights at Lisbon, the transfer is postponed to the last day).

If the group recruits less than 20 people, the relocation from the Hotel in Lisbon/Aeroport in Lisbon/ Hotel in Portogalia Rivière in Algarva is as follows:
The company ' s employees are escorted to the y/d or to the vehicle and board the bus/traff before the Algavre station, when the rester meets the Lusitana Sol tab and broadcasts to the programme hotel (the bills are included in the cost).

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