Thai Tourist Memorial

Check for the following documents: a foreign passport (at least 6 months of action). From the time of return, air travel, voucher, insurance policy, parental authority (if a minor is not required), birth certificate (if the child and the parent have different surnames). The flight registration begins 3 hours until the time indicated on the ticket. If you're going with the kids, we're suggesting we come early to order places that are convenient for you and your children.


About ten hours later, you arrive in Thailand. On the plane, you'll get an immigration card. You fill them in English. For help in filling, please contact the stewardess.

At Thailand airport

For Russian citizens, entry into Thailand has been visa-free since 1 February 2007. Citizens of Ukraine and Kazakhstan may travel to Thailand without a visa provisionally issued to the Embassy and obtain it at the airport of arrival. Two photos (3x4). Take the "Visa on Arrival" form, fill it in English. In Bangkok, exchange your currency for Thai baths, pay for your visa. The cost of a visa at the arrival of 1,000 baht. Then wait for a passport control call. An immigration officer will take the right part of the card. Maintain the left part of the immigration card before leaving Thailand (they will be stuck in a passport). Get your luggage. If you have nothing to declare, pass through the Green Corridor, Customs, if any, through the Red Corridor (The Customs Declaration is completed in any case). Gas cartridges at the airport are free.

Customs rules

One photo or video camera, three video cassettes, up to 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco, one litre of wine or alcohol are officially authorized. The export of antique products, ivory, Buddha figures and any potato products from Banchiang, exotic animals and birds is prohibited.

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