Памятка туристу по Тайланду

Thailand Tourist Memo

Виза в ТаиландFrequently, problems of falling into Thailand need to be thought before the purchase of air tickets, the planning stage of their leave or travel to Thailand.

Problems in leaving Russia

The problem may arise when a flight ticket is purchased or on a flight registration. For example, some airlines require a return ticket or some $1,000. If you're going to rest, organized tour, it's none of your business. But if you're going to Thailand for a long time or planning an Asian tour, it's best to take care of the visibility of the ticket. Reverse airlines can be booked and displayed by a printed electronic airline ticket. This is particularly true for young, single girls who are biased.

Single parent with child

It is often possible to hear the view that a notarized authorization from the second parent is required for the removal of the child abroad. In order not to give the versions, we'll have a scan of official FSB explanations in this regard.

Tourist in Thailand

  • Thailand is a safe country, compared to Russia, but certain features are still present. The first thing you have to do when you're here, and better still at home, is Make a copy of the passport and medical insurance and wear it with you. Leave the passport in the hotel safe. The need for a passport or health insurance is always sudden and not necessarily due to an accident. Suddenly you've been looking at a hat at the mall and you've decided to purchase it, you can get 7 percent back of the price, provided VAT Refound for Tourist is processed.
  • Remember the fallen sun! Even in the cloudy weather on the islands, you'll be burned if you spend hours on the beach without protection. The consequences of this unthinkable act from tearing skin to hospitalization. The sunburn is not an insurance case, and you will pay for your own treatment.
  • Never carry all the money with you. It's unfortunate that there's not a rare event in a motobic bag, so the lady's purse needs to be stacked just so it's not pathetic.
  • Never, under any circumstances, leave your passport on bail. Very often, a passport can be required to rent a motobe. This is the biggest fool you can do! What's that got to do with the "Mutobaik Renda in Thailand" material.
  • Don't even think about buying drugs. For example, the harmless weed that you're supposed to be on Fly Street might cost you $2,000 for your freedom. Very often they offer to smoke at beaches in Walking Street. After buying a tour, you'll get people in uniform and they'll know exactly where and how much you're looking for.
  • Men who go-go bars, you should be afraid of suggestions and friendly advice like, "Here's the first time that girl got to work. I recommend." There's a simple divorce for money, very big money. You're bound to be with this little girl, and for your freedom, you're also gonna have to pay very decent money by taking a trip to Thai prison for a day.
  • Copies of mobile and clock. It's been a long time for a traveler to put it in a memo, but it's probably worth it, because tourists are often burned to buy copies of famous ones. ♪ ♪
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