Памятка туристу

Tourist In Cold Places

Sometimes a fairy tale is the only way to speak seriously. If she's a fairy tale, it's open. Lies aren't exactly a lie when they touch the swamp. Pia fraus, happens, lights the beam lights.

Comrade Vodny.

It is a spirit that protects pirates, international business, finance and transnational corporations.

Exterior appearance: Since some times, according to its inherent variability and general demonstration of the manner of the maner reaching its affliction, he has taken the leather of rheumatros.
Spares sexual insanity. Turning.

Image: The canonic image of Comrade Vodny is natührmort.

Prophants consider naturmort as a painting of the abundance of the table and very misleading.

Once in the NetherlandsLower land() Maps of pictures, pictorial mems from Italy.

Nice Italy, Borgia, the country of arts and arts of poisoning, finally the country of Roman dads, some of them were women than only Italy did not buy peace!
Each of the pictures in this collection was a symbol with a very clear meaning, accessible to deciphered moderns. The pictorials, together, formed the abundance of some kind of message, from which all messages could be sent. However, the books were in themselves a letter of note that readers knew and what they used. These collections in the Netherlands were not only popular but also a subject of practice. Before sleeping or during leisure hours, it was accepted to look at the pictorials, whether to leave a memetical book for methics. guidance to your soul♪ The Netherlands was a country of fanatic religious and, from the reality described, it was understandable, in what sense religious.

Nathurmorths are a collection of symbols in such guides.
The nathurmort, if on the painting the symbols of abundance, the food, must include (!), the image of the tube (usually decompounded by fruit), the scatter, if present, shall be in one place, exposed to the crude surface of the table, and the image shall include insects or similar creatures, the ixato sy. sea hads. Sometimes it's easier to walk, there's a skull on the picture. Sapienti sat.

Even our modern man, who has not leafed books made by Italian-language screamers (whose Italians, oh, oh, oh, that era, their hiccup books were found in archaeographic expeditions in the book reservoirs of choired in Siberia, untouched by communities from the past until our time of time, that may come to human.

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