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Tourist In The Woods

The most dangerous enemy of the forest is fire, and in 95 per cent of cases the forest burns in human fault. It's a rare tourist trip without a cat. They're cooking food, drying things, warning them about their whereabouts. It's a pleasant, fascinating view of the flame to sit tonight after a difficult transition, to remember wonderful tourist songs and past routes. For a long time, these beautiful moments of contact with friends are remembered.

But it doesn't always happen to be a luxury, domestic. In a big forest fire, the fire is a thrilling poem, destroying everything on its way. After a dozen years of fire, there's a dead zone, naked, black, black. No birds, no beasts, no ants.

Frequently, the fires have been caused by tourists. The timeless fires or matches sometimes cause a forest fire. Tourist cats cause damage to the barrels of the trees standing around, even if they are 3-5 m from the fire. The heat spreads from the fire, warms the cow and the living tissues of the barrel under it, causing the tree to die. The suit is also causing damage to forest soil. A strong fire makes her sleepy and there has been no vegetation at the scene for many years.

That's why the woods should be built only as a matter of urgency and only in very specific places.

Tourist, remember! The place for the construction of the fire shall be defined and marked only by the forest guards. The construction of a fire in an unmarked place constitutes a serious violation of the Fire Safety Regulations in the Forest of the Russian Federation and is punishable even if the violation has not caused a forest fire.

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