отдых с ребёнком лучше

Tourist Memorial

Despite the emergence of ambitious competitors, Spain, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria, it is the resorts of the Turkish Antilles that take most of the wolves wishing to rest at sea. Tours from Samara to Turkey organize all leading tourists in the country. In the summer, flights to Antalya from Samara fly almost daily, which in itself speaks a lot.

Turkey ' s immovability, great beaches, beautiful hotels working on the " All On " system, which clearly emphasize family rest, makes Turkey an undisputed favourite whose positions are unlikely to be broken soon.

Before travel

On your journey, you must check that there is a package of documents you need to enter Turkey. This package includes foreign passports, air travel, hotel vouchers and health insurance. A minor who travels to Turkey with only one parent must also have the original birth certificate. If, for example, your child goes to the Grandma and Grandpa resort, trust is necessary from both parents, and from mom and dad.

Kurumocha Airport

You need to come to the airport about 2, 5 hours before the flight. Flight registration ends 40 minutes before departure.


Aircraft to Turkey Samara takes about 3, 5 hours. You'll be offered a little breakfast on board the airline. We recall that the drinking of alcoholic drinks purchased at DUTY FREE is strictly prohibited before and during the flight.

On arrival in Turkey

After you landed in Turkey, you will be taken to the aerospace building, where you pass your passport control, take your baggage and walk out to the street where all the tourists will be waiting for the host side of your traveller with the relevant plates.

We need to show them their voucher, and then they'll give you the number of the bus to the hotel. The tourist buses are waiting for tourists in the airport parking lot.

On the way to the Hyde Hotel, you will be provided with the necessary " water " information and will be the time to meet with your hydium. On it, you will receive all the necessary information about the region, possible tours and other useful information.

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