Traveller ' S Name In Oaaa

The documents or ( preferably) their ceraocopy should always be carried out with them, and most of the police officers work without uniforms and are sufficiently careful to monitor compliance with traditional norms. At the same time, the concept of the presumption of innocence is not considered a fundamental point of local law. They often check documents in public places.

Shouldn't get in the car to the vigilantes at their first request and without specific charges.

We'd better not use water from underwear.

You'll have to use sunburn protective creams and drink more fluids like mineral water or fresh juice.

There's a need to use the head rack, to protect the sunscreen with no ultraviolet. Even under the beach tent, solar radiation from water and sand is quite high. The most dangerous time in the open air is from 11.00 to 14.00.

When bathing, consider the beaches located on the ocean coasts, so the tidals and plums are strong enough, and coastal currents are often unpredictable. Couple only with local trainers familiar with the nature of the surrounding waters.

It's not accepted to eat standing or walking and to look at the face of a person who's eating. Bread usually breaks with hands. Cooking food, money and stuff is right hand. The feet shall not be directed towards anyone. During the engagement, the interviewee should not be looked in the eye, nor can it be kept in her pocket or waving her in the air (especially with a cigarette).

It's thought it's rude to give up the coffee offered. To give up additive coffee, you're going to have to show up an empty cup or say "shukran."

You can't walk the prayers in front. When entering the mosque and home, shoes should be removed.

The Koran forbids the use of alcohol, but sent to foreigners in the UAE territory. The only emirate in which alcohol is completely banned is Sharjah.

A violent act is the presence of alcohol in a public place, which threatens to be heavily fined or arrested and deported.

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