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Thailand occupies the central part of the Indoquitai peninsula and the north of Malacca peninsula. For centuries, this country, known among its neighbours as Siam, has been the migration, cultural and religious crossroads of South-East Asia. In the area of 510,000 square kilometres and about 60 million people, Thailand is almost equal to France. In the north and west, Thailand borders Birma, in the north-east with Laos in the west with Cambodia and in the south with Malaysia. Thailand is located in the tropical forest area. About 30 per cent of the total area is jungle. There are a wide variety of animals in the woods and bamboo trees: pelvis, elephants, tigers, leopards, wild cats. Especially a lot of monkeys and different reptiles.

Religion: Over 90 per cent of Thais have Buddhism, which has a significant impact on the daily lives of the population.

Time. It's four hours ahead of Moscow.

Airports: Bangkok, Phuket.

Moskva flight time: about 9, 5 hours.

The Russians enter without a visa for up to 30 days.

Attention! To date, it is sufficient for a trip to THAILAND to cover the period of foreign exchange in Thailand. Previous rules on the minimum permissible validity of a passport, six months after entry into the country, are no longer valid.
We draw your attention to the mandatory obligation of a passenger travelling to Thailand to present his return ticket from Thailand to Russia or ticket from Thailand to other countries if the route outside Russia is not limited to Thailand.

Minimum cash for entry into Thailand

C A minimum amount of money has been introduced for entry into Thailand (to any port of the country).
Each traveller must have $700 or Euro600 per person or US$ 1,500 or Euro1,400 per family at first request. If the money is on a bank card, it must be international; it is obligatory to file an account upon request by the border service, however, the border guard has the right to demand cash.
When a visa is issued to citizens of the Republic of Belarus in the Consular Division of the Embassy, Thailand also needs to provide financial guarantees (banking receipts or cheques) at a cost of US$700 or Euro600 per person or US$ 1,500 or Euro1,400 per family.

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