Приднепровский химический

Ukraine Tourist Memorial

The traveler may duty-freely enter the country:

  • up to 200 cigarettes or 200 g tobacco,
  • Up to 5 l beer,
  • up to 2 ls of solid alcoholic beverages,
  • 2 litres of wine.

Personal jewels are subject to mandatory disclosure. Removal of works of art, historical and cultural property requires authorization. Exports are prohibited for items on which State donations are established; industrial goods; precious metals, stones and articles are prohibited. Such categories of goods should be considered by special services. A foreign currency of up to $1000 is allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine, subject to an oral declaration. A foreign currency of up to $10,000 should be declared in writing.

Frequency of shops, banks, museums

Bank time: from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. In large cities and resort areas, banks and exchange points work up to 2,000.

Useful telephone numbers

The fire department should be called 01, the police - 02, the ambulance - 03. Telephone services are available by telephone 07.

Money, exchange of currencies

Exchange of currencies can be effected at exchange points as well as at banks. Both United States and United States dollars are free to pay in stores and markets. In the south-western part of the country and in Western Ukraine, the exchange of roubles was most commonly permitted only in banks. Credit cards and travel cheques are still available in banks, but the card service has recently developed successfully.

Mail and phone

You can call the automates in towns. International and long-distance calls are made from specialized telephone machines, as well as post offices. Telephone charges are made on magnetic cards sold everywhere.


In Ukraine, rail traffic is very common. The railway network covers almost the whole country. Public transport in cities is provided by buses and trolleybuses. There are trams in Kiev and there is a subway. You can also order a cab.

Rental of a vehicle

The rental of a car requires over 21 years of age, a driving permit and a credit card.


In restaurants, hotels, it is accepted to leave a tip of 5 to 10 per cent of the total bill. In some restaurants, tips are included.


The network voltage is 230V, the current frequency is 50HZ. The rosettes are two-shot, the transient is not required.

Consular Division: +7(495)629-19-88, 629-14-57
Ambassador ' s Secretary: +7(495)629-10-79
Protocol Division: +7(495)629-25-44
E-mail: ukremb@
Press Service: +7(495)629-76-77
Cultural Division: +7(495)629-92-88
Trade representation: +7(495)629-90-73

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