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Today, we'll talk about the documents you have to get/eat, booking yourself a tour at a tourist agency.
We're surprised at the immortality, but most even our clients are in a happily unaware of what strategically important papers they have to give. And from what we're getting on the Internet, the hair on our head is moving.

When you come to an agency for the selection and reservation of the tour, you enter into legal relations with the agency: GS or IP. Evidence of such a relationship First set of documents.

It shall include:
1. Treaty.
The treaty should specify:
(a) Agency requisitions;
(b) All details of your tour (dates, dates, country, hotel, presence/existence of the transfer, availability/discharge of medical insurance, additional conditions - guided services, e.g.)
(c) The name and requisition of the tour operator, who is responsible for your tour, including information on the stay of the operator in the Tour Help Association, which the State is entrusted with emergency assistance to tourists in the case of a number of outgoing force majeures. I remind you that the travel agency is a broker between you and the tour operator. His job is to buy you a tour, take your money from you, book the tour operator, transfer the money to the operator and give you an assist while you're on the trip.
(g) Tour customer data and all travellers (by the way, it is not necessarily necessary that the customer take part in the travel)
(d) consent to the processing of personal data. Under the new law, citizens must confirm their consent to the use of their PoAs. We take the data from you, hand them over to the booking operator, they transfer them further to airlines and hotels. That's why we need your signature. All data should be destroyed upon expiration of the treaty.
(e) Conditions for the annullation of the tour and all forms of force majeure

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that very often, when you first approach the agency, you can conclude a so-called reservation treaty. It only lists the details of the tour and financial information on booking. This is because sometimes the requested hotel is not confirmed, dates may change, carriers, operators, often the country itself. When all the details are finally shaken, the basic contract is concluded, and the contract application (which may be slightly different from the different numbers) shall be made up of annexes to the core treaty.
It's important! The signatures of the parties (wash and the agency ' s official) should be on each page of the signed documents.
2. Cash check (or BC if the agency is not equipped with a cash machine).
The receipt of funds under the parish order is not legal.

Now! This set of documents regulates your relationship with the firm, has nothing to do with the journey itself, and you don't need to put it in the suitcase.

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