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Visitor ' S Memory Of The Hindu Temple

The rest in India is perhaps the most exotic and saturated impressions and emotions from all directions from Samara. Turn around with him for the first place, I guess only tours. Viet Nam and recreation Sri Lanka. As a result of the Pegas Touristik tour operator for many years in a row, the Samarians have had a happy opportunity to travel to Goa directly from Korumoc airport. And in winter 2013 popularity Goa It only grows! Therefore, allow for a brief and, hopefully, useful information on this remarkable country.

India is a country in South Asia, almost entirely occupied by the Indostan peninsula. India is the 2nd in the world (1, 21 billion), 7th (3, 3 million square kilometres). The capital is New Delhi, the largest city, Mumbai. India had been a British colony for a long time and had gained independence in 1947.

Indian visa

Citizens of the Russian Federation required a visa to visit India, which was opened at the Indian Consulate in Moscow. Your foreign passport must be effective for at least six months from the date of the anticipated completion of India ' s tour from Samara.

Customs rules

The import of alcoholic drinks, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars is allowed to India without duty. The amounts of more than $2,500 and the notes should be entered into the entry customs declaration.

Prohibited removal

  • Living plants
  • tiger and other wild animals
  • Antiquities over 100 years
  • silver and gold slits

National currency

The Indian rupeeium consists of 100 rations. The rate for world currencies is stable and is about 47 rupees per United States dollar. Exchange is possible at exchange points, hotels, airports. The cheques issued to you in exchange need to be kept until the back exit, they may be required at the airport to exchange it back.


India ' s climate is very diverse because of large areas and large geographical areas. In the State of Goa, the most popular among the Samarians in the Indian region, the climate of moist tropical rains, the optimum rest time in Goa from October to May. During this time, day temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees, nights about 22-24, and water in the Indian Ocean is very comfortable for swimming in the area of 24 to 25 degrees.

National and religious composition

The main population is the Hindu Hindus (80 per cent), Islam accounts for about 11 per cent, and a small part of the population also practises Christianity and Buddhism. However, in the State of Goa, the situation is different: the population is about half Christianity ( Catholic) and Hinduism.

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