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Barcelona For Tourists Useful Advice

It was hard to write this article because I didn't want to scare people away from going to Barcelona. The article on personal security in Barcelona and on opposition to pamphlets and robbers implies that the city is not safe.

But we have to admit that Barcelona has a problem with pockets and barsetteers.

La Rambla doesn't have to do that. To check the map, we should go to the café or the restaurant. This couple clearly showed everyone they were tourists.

I've been walking around La Rambla for so many times, and I've been watching tourists with open maps, with lost sight and unsupervised things. Such tourists will be immediately caught by the villains, and they will be targeted. You can be a tourist without a problem, but you should behave as a pushy tourist, and you'll be much safer.

Please listen to these warnings to protect yourself. I know you don't think that's gonna happen to you. You probably think "all the big cities are the same in this regard," but I wouldn't rush to conclusions. I see so many tourists who just ask for trouble, and all I have to do is take simple measures to protect myself.

Is it safe for Ramblas? Ramblas is the main place of walk, the street walking through the center of Barcelona.

I think Ramblas is safe. The night (after 23:30) in southern Las Ramblas (between the big theater Liceu and Colum monument) may be a little dark, but still relatively safe. But if you're uncomfortable, you can't go in this area. It's nice to walk around at night. Thousands of people come to look at street performances, but Ramblas should be looked at.

It's thanks to the Barcelona City Council, who's trying to make the city safer for tourists. Over the past year, we have noticed a significant decline in e-mails from website visitors, reports of theft or looting. It doesn't mean there's no problem anymore - it's there, but it looks like the situation is improving.

Recall from Jen's visitor from UK

I've been living in Barcelona for 18 years, I'm afraid I've been drinking water from the fountain! (The risk of becoming a victim of pockets increases accordingly).
In restaurants, especially in the Ramblas area, never put your bags on the floor and hang it on the back of the chair, otherwise it will be quickly removed or cut.

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