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Conservation Tourist Councils

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  • North-Kuril
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  • Camchatka
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The climate in the country is moderate-continental, in the mountains is Alpine and on the Adriatic coast is Mediterranean. In the central areas of Montenegro, there is always a slight improvement over the coast and a marked influence of subalpine factors. In the naval area, summer is usually long, hot and sufficiently dry, winter short and wet.

Visa and Customs

Russian citizens don't need a visa in Montenegro. Further details on the characteristics of entry into the country are given under " Daily " and " Border Recommendations " in Montenegro.

An unlimited amount of foreign currency may be imported and removed from the country, but large amounts at entry are desirable. It should be noted that border and customs procedures for citizens of the Russian Federation are as simplified as possible.

There's no duty in Montenegro to import and remove 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 1 ls of alcoholic drinks and 2 ls of wine. Without special authorization, the export of objects and objects of historical and artistic value is prohibited.

After a visit to Montenegro, every tourist in the album will certainly have a picture of St. Stefan Island (the country ' s audit card) and the Ostrog monastery.

Tax free

The country is part of the Tax free Shopping system: tourists who purchased from the Montenegrin stores can return VAT. If in other European countries return is made directly to the airport, it is different. It's not too convenient. During the purchase fee, except the check, you'll get PDV-PP in two copies. Each copy should be accompanied by a copy of the first page of the passport and display the entire set when it departs.

When PDV-PP is in the store, you'll have a passport. Put him in the bag in the morning, going shopping.

The customs officer will make it clear that the goods you purchased are for personal use, register them in the register and file a stamp for copies of PDV-PP. Important clarification: Purchases must be " delivered " in the original and whole package before Customs.

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