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Councils Of Former Amsterdam Tourists

If you're going to rest in Europe, of course, the knowledge of foreign languages will be far from redundant. First of all, English. Without the Ingleish, as they say, you won't go far. The Dutch national language is Dutch. That language sounds like a mixture of English and German, in my view, but even if you know both languages, understand Dutch, or, as they say, Dutch, it's hardly possible, although there are similar words.

If you're at least a little English-language, it's gonna be a lot easier, I haven't met a Dutchman who wouldn't speak English. In fact, almost everyone speaks English, with great pronunciation (as opposed to French, for example, who have a clear English problem). Also, many Dutch people have German.

If you have a very tight English, you better take care of the purchase of a dictionary or a conversationalist. In fact, there are Russian tourists everywhere in Amsterdam, and they can be approached at least.

In Russian, there are cantons and audio hydes in museums (such as the State Museum, the Museum of Torture, the House of Rembrandt (also, audio hyde is free) and others), some restaurants have a menu in Russian (Luciusrant on Spuistraat 247) and the Appuisteau Hotel, Anyway, we can get out. But it's not Russian-speaking Egypt or Turkey.

The simplest and cheapest way to sit on the Internet is to wi-fi the zones that are all over Amster. Mostly, wi-fi is free and often not evaporated. He's in all hotels and hosts. No wi-fi, except in Amsterdam zoo.

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