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Rest and tourism in Prague (Czech Republic). The councils of the old, what's there to do, to watch in Prague, entertainment, tour, kitchen. The most interesting videos and pictures of Prague.

The marvellous city with an irrepetitive architecture has fled on the shores of the Wltawa. The city is unforgettable, the city with an interesting destiny and a well-established old architecture.

Any man who once visited the Starobes Square in Prague will not forget her unique architectural ensemble. And the one who saw this area and the looting of the red roofs of the pilgrims from the height of the Porochovsky or the Ratush Tower will surely want to come back here to enjoy it again. It's important to say that rest in Prague is, first of all, the rest of the excursion, learning.

On the Silent Street, which leads from the Poroch Tower towards the Prague Degree, the Bohemian kings were passing through the coronation.

The glossary bridges, and the Carls bridge, built in the fourteenth century, is known throughout the world. Go through the Carlow Bridge, consider all the 30 sculptures that have been on it for the fifth century, and touch the Yana Nepomutzka statue, which helps in love affairs, aspires many tourists from around the world.

Prague walk

The modern architecture of Prague suddenly fits well into the general city ensemble. A decent place on the list of sights has been occupied by a famous dance house on the coast of the Wall. This office building has caused many disputes in its time, but it has now become an integral part of the city and one of its cultural centres. Besides, there's a restaurant on the roof of the building with great species on the city. Also worthy of attention is the Zigkova Telebash with the babysitting on it, the author of which is David Cherna, a famous Czech sculptor. By 2013, the tower will be rebuilt and, in addition to the viewing areas and the round house restaurant, the city ' s guests will be offered exclusive hotel rooms, which are scheduled to open in the tower.

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