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First Visit Of Former Tourist Councils

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India, North GA, first visit experience

In India, the North GoA was about to go for the first time, and before the trip, he decided to get acquainted with the other people's councils, he also met friends and acquaintances who had already been there to draw important information for the forthcoming visit. I'll tell you, no one gave practical advice that would be useful. Everyone's been talking about a delicious rose, a beer and food, which beaches to visit, where to eat better, on the roads and on the beach themselves, and they've advised you to rent a uterus or something.

In fact, it turns out that no one has spoken of certain points, in my view, very important for the first journey, to feel comfortable in the first place.

So I decided to share my impressions and practical experience for those who, like me, are going to go to India for the first time.

Those who consider themselves to be experienced travelers and have never been separated in India, please don't comment and write in response to different fools.

My observations are exclusively for the first time, just to share my little and small experience.

Travel from 21 November to 05 December (this is me to what weather is)

He's coming to the GPA airport.

I advise you, usually travel to India between November and February, Moscow, and throughout Russia, the weather is already “great” at this time, take your hand-held, don't reindeer, and there's a lot of space, shorts, shirts and scapegoat, you can easily move to the airport toilet when you get out of the air.

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