Поиск попутчиков в ГОА

Goa Tourist Councils And Warnings

A note for Russian citizens resting in Goa.
The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Goa and the Russian Information Centre in Goa caution the compatriots:
♪ Visa compliance is the responsibility of each tourist. Visa delays are a crime punishable by Indian laws. Don't give up on the provocations of persons, lawyers who promise you to solve the problem of visas and money. You risk being deceived.
♪ Respect local laws and traditions, including clothing. The clothes shouldn't be challenging. The presence in swimsuits, short short shorts and skirts (for girls), naked torso (for men) outside the beach in Goa is not welcome, the finding of topples may even lead to a fine.
♪ Respect basic safety rules, be vigilant, especially if you're in a state of alcohol.
♪ Keep the documents (passport, insurance policy, tickets, etc.) in a safe, secure place. Before you start the journey, do and retain on the flash card, the phone, the e-mail box, electronic copies of the visas.
♪ The use and distribution of narcotic drugs in Goa is punishable by law. Don't give up the provocations of drug-related persons. - Don't be involved.
♪ The scooter or motorcycle falls outside the insurance definition.
♪ When you're not intimidated and a sharp rise in temperature, you go to the hospital and your insurance company, there's some infections in Goa, and the treatment of a doctor in time will help you get better health.
- The language barrier often leads to unpleasant situations. They can be avoided by calling for assistance from English-speaking compatriots or by calling the Russian Information Centre in Goa.
♪ In the event of a clash with the Goa State police, don't give up on the provocation of law enforcement officers.
♪ Watch out for illegal companies. Companies that operate in Goa illegally have no legal responsibility before you.
♪ The work and business of Goa on a tourist visa is prohibited and punishable by law.

A brief note with brief useful advice has been issued for tourists by the Russian Information Centre in Goa with the support of the General Consulate of the Russian Federation in Mumbai. “Is tourist memoranda Receive the necessary information on the rules of conduct in the State of Goa and in the territory of India as a whole " , reported to the correspondent of the TURPROM in the press service of the centre.

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