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The receipts, invoices and cheques of restaurants, hotels, campings, workshops and other services should be retained, as the tax can carry out a check and, in the absence of a document, impose a fine. Such verification may be carried out, for example, when the store leaves or departs the country for certain expensive items. Therefore, there is a need to write an account everywhere (ricevuta fiscale).

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Element of good education is considered to be healthy when you enter the store and say goodbye. In both cases, buon giorno (good day) or buon sera (good evening). We've got the usual "chao" between good friends.
Italians are great wines, but their products are better bought in stores, not at hand.
Coffee, ice cream or juice at the bar will cost almost twice as much as the same table. So in order not to spend extra money, Italians prefer to eat standing. "Cafe" with the last stroke is a strong espresso in a small cup. The usual Italian coffeemakers call us "Cafe Americano." SIXTA
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The saint rule is siest (started rest) from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. At this time, when all the stores, shops, banks are closing, not even supposed to call each other. In the seest, as they say in Rome, only dogs and French walk. WATER AND PLAYS
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In the beach area of large cities, the water is quite dire, so it should only be bathed in places specifically designated for bathing.
In Italy, water is said to be available even from the fountain. But it's best not to.
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The nickname, the cross-cutting camera, means it's not allowed to be filmed, sometimes it's warning by a museum. In many museums, it is prohibited to use a flash, which affects the painting. And in the Vatican, for example, in the Sictine Capella, you can't even speak. It's supposed to ruin the fresco.
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One baggage to the porter needs to pay 1,300 lire, the cart is worth 1,000 lire. When carrying more baggage and long distances, prices are specified separately. SCHEDULES AND LIGONS
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