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Сан-Вито ло Капо - Сицилия

Exotic and Dalek

Exotic and distant, contradictory and attractive. Like the whole south of Italy. But the modern traveler likes this land. In contrast to the fear and desire to be on an island surrounded by the mysterious venom of bloodless antiquity and not so far a dark past, always wins. wish

If the stones of Sicilia could speak, they would have guided modern Sinbad the whole truth and grief of human history. The stones are silent. But heard on this God of the other, new and callous sushi... the nakats of the sea, the sands of the wind, the long-solding of birds and the scars of the deep sicilian night under the quiet star sky.

Let's go! Decided! Then let us tell you almost a few words about where tourists are looking for comfort and exotic on the coast of Sicilia. Short of the island's beaches, with pictures of the hotels in every resort and geography of the coast, that's our story. Google maps will help us as usual.


Our journey begins with the Mesina Strait (Stretto di Messina): a narrow flow that separates Sicilia from the mainland seems to be a lake, not a sea. The sailors here waited for the mythic monsters of Scylla and Haribda. The Kalabrian city of Mesina, based on Greek colonists in 730, has a beach strip longer than 200 km. This is where the best resorts of Taormina and the Eolian islands are located. What are the best beaches in Mesina?

Джардини Наксос - пляжи городаSada Naxos (Giardini Naxos) Hotels in Messina

Beach gallery: Isola Bella, Letoyanni and Sant'Alceyo-Sikulo

In addition, Messina is famous for the beaches of Milazzo, Rockalumera, Nitzza-di-Sichilia, Kapo Ali, Scaletta Zanklaya, Timpassi, San Saba, Rodia, Villafranca-Tirrena, Spafora, Caldera, Tonarella, Funari, Patti, Brolo, San Gregola

The Taorminas

The city of Tauromenion is founded in 358 until N.E. on Mount Tauro, from the ancient Greek colony of Naxos. In the Rome era (212 to N.E.), the city became an important trading centre and the forpost of the Imperial Sea. After the fall of the Roman Empire (476) the Citilia was attacked by Arabs (906) and then by Normans and the Aragon Dynasty. Taormina up to XVIII in. remained a slim coin in European monarchy political games. Taormina is now in the top ten beaches.

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