музеи и выставки в Москве

Moscow Tourist Councils

1. Travellers are encouraged to identify a number of sites prior to the visit. Each tourism centre offers a large number of tour programmes where even an experienced traveller may be confused.

2. For the first time, those who stay in town are the best to go for walks accompanied by a hyde. For evening walks, the central areas of the city, where it is multiplied by late evenings, and the best thing to say no to remote areas at night.

3. Pocket thieves should be guarded in places of large accumulation. There's no way we can leave the top clothes and bags unattended. As part of a walk, a minimum amount of valuable items should be taken.

In Moscow, it will be possible to organize an unusual recreation programme, in accordance with personal preferences and interests. They're tired of walking classic. ♪ ♪

4. In the city, a cash-flow system is well developed and credit card can be paid in all major commercial complexes and restaurants. Cash money will be needed by those who expect to visit open markets and stores away from the city centre.

5. Exchanges should be made at banks or private exchange points, the fees of the commission should be specified in advance. Private services should be refused, however profitable the terms of the transaction were.

6. It's most convenient to travel on the subway across the city, to get on it literally to any area of Moscow. In the suburbs, the city links the network of electric trains, which travel several times per hour. All possible modes of public transport are available in the city, but traffic on motorways is very difficult during the day.

7. Only those travellers who expect to travel often outside the city to rent a car. It's only the early morning and the late evening.

8. The most expensive stores, restaurants and hotels are located in the middle of the city. The further from the centre, the more attractive the prices will be. Economic travellers may be advised to choose a hotel in the suburbs of Moscow, in which case the cost of accommodation will be set below. Products are also best diverted to peri-urban areas, which is a way of saving funds not only for tourists but also for indigenous people.

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