Советы туристам в Карловых

Quarla Tourist Councils

Rest and tourism in Karlov Varah (Czech Republic). The councils of the old, what's to do, to look at Karl Wars, entertainment, tour, kitchen. The most interesting videos and pictures of the Karl Wars.

Karlovar thermal sources, people's health, the Carlovar Pharmaceutory, people's joy, monumental buildings built in the second half of the nineteenth century, parks and beautiful landscapes are all Karlova Wara, one of the most famous cities and Czech cure resorts.

In Karlova Wara, people are going to appreciate a calm, profitable vacation. This place is considered one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. The city is founded almost 600 years ago by Carl IV in a magnificent valley, rich not only by a beautiful river, vegetation, but also by whole heisers. And now, centuries later, people come here for the healing that gives them water from mineral sources.

Karlov Vara

Because of the devastating floods and fires, Karla Wara has changed his face several times in their history, but the spirit of the city that calls for itself over and over. Today, Karla Vara is the temple of St. Mary Magdalene, built in the sixteenth century, this is the Orthodox temple of the apostles of Petra and Pavla, built in the nineteenth century by the type of Russian-Visantian temple, this is the temple of St. Vázlava built in the middle of the seventeenth century, which is a magnificent postal column built

There's a lot of hotels for the city's guests for any taste and wallet. The city ' s tourist agencies are prepared to complete a tourist stay programme in the city, and numerous restaurants offer dishes not only to the national Czech kitchen, but are prepared to please any of the most exquisite tastes. But the most important thing about vacations in the Karl Wars is the possibility of falling into a full source, gaining strength and health for future advances.

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