традиции и правила в Китае

Shanhai Self-Important

съездить в китай


Transport in China is great. Very well-developed infrastructure. Fixed-wing aircraft, ferry-boats, trains (including speed), buses, subways and taxis. There's no problem getting anywhere.

If you're here for a month, it's the best thing to buy a trip. It's a plastic card, it can be refilled and used in the subway and buses, and then returned and retrieved. $4. It's very convenient: you don't need to know the cost of tickets, buy your badges, stand in line. Consequently, the problem of language is also missing.поездка в китай There's $10,30 a month for travel within one city.

Another very common mode of movement is electropeds. In fact, it's the same taxi, only less comfortable and more extreme. The main advantage is the cost is lower than the taxi and the absence of traffic (as mopeds are driving where they want).в китай самостоятельно So if you need to get somewhere fast and cheap, this mode of transport for you. The only minus is language. We need to agree on a price and destination. The cost of this type of transport is $2. Truck on buses from $0, $3, subway from $0, $5.

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Being in China alone will have to decide where to live. The real estate market is very developed, a lot of rents are offered, but housing is long-term, with the signing of a contract for the year.

поездка в китай цена путешествие в китай самостоятельно
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