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Don't forget that there's a left-hand traffic in India. You get used to it fast, but in the early days, you have to remember that you have to look right first and then left. The Indian speed of time is different from ours. If you're told the bus will be in half an hour, be ready to wait for him or two. Same with distances: 100 metres a kilometer, around the corner, two blocks. ♪ ♪

Hydes and guides

When you go to any tourist bureau in any city, you can get a guide. Often, a good hyde can be a taxi or a ricksha.
At some point, it is possible to meet the subjects calling themselves personal guides and suggesting that this place be "for free, for love and art." You shouldn't think it's a halava, their final interest is quite clear. But these local hydes sometimes really know a lot and interesting. It's not embarrassing to use their services, but you'll figure out how much you're willing to do for his services.


Drugs, both local production - guashish, opium, heroin, ketamine, mushrooms, date and imported from the West - acid, amphetamines, ecstasy, etc.) in India are easily accessible. If you have a fashionable but problematic habit of using them, follow reasonable precautions:
Don't buy drugs from strangers on the street, consult with more experienced comrades, watch out for deception, forgery and police provocative agents (police provocation - phenomenon, illegal and unknown in Russia, but perfectly legal and widely distributed in a number of non-developed countries, such as the United States, Canada, India and Dr.).
In view of the fact that Indian drug legislation is very severe (page up to 30 years) and Indian prisons are not five-star hotels. We strongly recommend not to use drugs in principle.


On the streets, the goods are sold at free prices, and if you don't know how much it costs, the price can be raised by 100 per cent and above. So be vigilant, and you have to trade! For a salesman whose whole life is behind the shop, you are the opportunity to learn something new, to learn something. Be with him like a friend, tell him something. Thorg is just a reason to communicate!

During the journey, three things - money, passport and air travel - must always be with you. Copies of passports and tickets separately, in baggage or friends.

See also: Boards from readers:

By buying a ride to a tourist firm that somehow calls itself a club, we were shocked when we were in Bombay, tried to send us on a 5-hour trip, not on a tourist bus. In 30 degrees without air conditioning, on a bus with 5 (!) seat rows (not for Russians). It was a real survival tour.
People! The cheap can't be qualitative. Don't buy a cheap price. You're risking getting a "single" service and a broken vacation.

If you were washing local water out of the crane (e.g. vegetables or fruit), it's the same thing you washed them in the lawn. That's why you're gonna have to strip them out of your ass or put them in bed. You can wash in the water with a vinegar (this isn't expensive, 15 rupees mach. - 1 litre) - otherwise you're at risk of getting at least a disorder, and in the worst cases, a contagion like ameba. Take care!

Don't ever agree on the bazaar at the price you're offered by the seller - it's probably three or four times high. Sell in, drop at least 5-10 rupees, especially if you buy a few things in one place. As strange as it may be, in India, it's not gonna cause the seller's dissatisfaction, but on the contrary, he'll feel respect for you.

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