Правила поведения в Чехии-3

Tourist Councils For The Year

If tourists are served in other countries, in Czechs they're just being paid... Anyway, we were in Czech. Impressive. And neither positive nor very good. I want to share these very impressions with those who might also be going there (and especially those who are going there for the first time).

Prague City

Even if Vas has a rich imagination, and you're gonna try to imagine everything you've ever read or heard about this town, the reality of Zlat Prague will be even more beautiful. Red turtle on the roof, narrow slopes... I guess there's no other city in Europe where the same big old center is. Bridges everywhere you can. Costels inspire even the most atheists. Spirit takes when you look at these black walls from time to time. Plutting around a lot of skunks and alleys in the Old City, you turn around completely unexpectedly, and you're getting a little bit of a new crutch. It's as beautiful as a stitch. Vitta is a mecca of all tourists (and especially tourist guides). Any city panic is red roofs and lots of spies.

The city takes over and makes it feel like it's about a century of XVIII. And it seems that in this case, the plates and spaghers are more appropriate, and for the lady there are large skirts and umbrellas. Signing all this charming city is a ungrateful case. Those who gather will see themselves.

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