вепрево колено в Праге

Tourist Councils, Where To Stop

Whether to sit in or away from the centre of Prague is a question of taste (and, of course, prices). I'll give you a score of pros/minus and both, and then decide on it.


Adds: All the sights in the accessibility steps; the centre of the city of flat, no hills and surges (the heights of Prague are significant enough), and you don't have to go to your hotel by going home.

Less: the cost of the hotel in the centre of the city will naturally be higher

Not centre:

Plus, you can see another Prague, not a tourist, but still interesting areas where you don't go, savings on hotel costs.

Less: A longer journey to the sights; not always a simple path to the hotel (all the same hills, especially in the Gijkov and Ginograd areas)

The Prague is conditionally divided into zones from Prague 1 to Prague 10. It's logical to assume that Prague 1 is the center of everything, and Prague 2 is not exactly the same. In fact, the situation is not as simple as it seems. So when you choose a hotel, it's best to open a map and watch where it is. For example, Residence Bohemia 4* is officially located in Prague-2, but if you look at the map, it's up to the famous Václav area, city centre, hotel to go for a maximum of minutes 2 or 3. From another hotel in Sunrise 3* (who, by the way, is famous for his cool breakfasts, which is being prepared by the Italian chef) also in Prague 2, the road to Václavaki (also known as the Vazlava area) will take minutes 15 to 20 walks.

To date, more than 1,000 hotels are located in Praha 1 (central of town). First of all, you need to determine what you want: a full hotel with food and a bathroom in a room, a few people with a built-in kitchen and a washing machine, or a bed-place in a host where you'll only come to sleep and wash. Whatever you choose, Prague will offer you many accommodation options. Apartments will cost an average of 3,000 a night, but you can find cheaper if you're booked very in advance, about a few months. The cost of living in the hostel depends very much on his location if the bed in the hostel on the outskirts can be booked for 500 roubles, the center will have to spend almost as a hotel room.

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