Азии: советы туристам в

Tourist Councils With Illustrations

Material series Bumaga is studying a new trend: the journey of the countries of the dipped burial once in the USSR. The locals, tourists and trans-Soviet countries of the Perebourgians are talking about ways to save, the most convenient routes and dishes that no longer try.

Which souvenir will be brought from Azerbaijan, how do we move the road to Baku, which can be seen in the Caucasus mountains and what are the claims of Shek's tour guides to Ermitage? Three points of view on the journey to Azerbaijan, in a field hyde Bumagi

Born in Baku.

The most important thing to consider is that every traveler gathered on a trip to Azerbaijan is the number of money. It is no secret for anyone that Azerbaijan is not a budgetary country, so the traveller will need to consider and distribute his or her resources for rest.

Azerbaijan is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country, and that is why I am not advise tourists To stay in Baku's capital, to travel in different cities (or areas as we say) of the country. For example, I recommend a visit to the Shekin House of Shekin, the former residence of the Shekin Hans, which was built in the thirteenth century.

In fact, there's a lot of interesting things in the city of Sheka, plus all this town is turning into its nature and an incredibly delicious local kitchen, so I'm convinced that, by the Sheki settlement, you will fall in love with our country. May I also advise you to visit cities such as Giabial (court road), Leric (with the most beautiful waterfalls), Gobustan (with the oldest archaeological reserve).

While Azerbaijan seeks to position itself as a European State, it should not be forgotten that the country has lived for centuries through rigid Muslim canons and traditions. Some of our people, especially those outside Baku, from other cities and areas, still live in them. Travelling to Azerbaijan must take into account the national mindset of the people.

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