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A number of Tunisian enterprises, including those working in the military and chemical industry, will be able to receive tourist groups and transmit REGNUM to IA. This was reported to the Government of Tul State Press Office following a visit on 15 November by a group of regional tourists and representatives of the Tul Region Tourism Committee, headed by the Minister of Culture of the Tatiana Rybkin region, to the Tulamaszavod AK.
Representatives of the Turbiss were familiar with one of Tula ' s flagships to explore the possibilities of production and exhibition sites for the development of new tourism routes. The guests travelled to the exhibition complex of the enterprise, where the main milestones for the development of the defence enterprise, the samples of civilian and military goods were presented during the entire period of the plant. Among the unique exponents, Soviet children ' s bicycles, motorolers, fabrication samples, arms, and handicrafts and literary products. Tour operators also visited one of the AK ' s production lines, Tulamaszavod, where modern machines and production processes were examined.
This was followed by a round-table discussion on new tour products in industrial tourism. In the view of the representatives of the turbine, the idea of organizing group tours for non-closed parts of industry was promising, and the tour operators were ready to participate in their organization.
In particular, specific AK " Tulamaszavod " , targeting different age and target audiences, have been discussed. Problems include the provision of training, the collection of necessary documents to visit the regiment, the development and implementation of the souvenir line.
" Industrial tourism is a unique and promising development of domestic and entry tourism in the Tul region. Tour products in such a segment of tourism will certainly be required. ♪

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