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Ulaanbaatar, the largest city of Mongolia and the capital of the Republic, is a hybrid of Asia and Europe. In harmony, modern high-rise houses and traditional yurts, which are monk housing for many years, are nearby. In this city, the most recent European cars and centuries-old Soviet buses and trolleybuses can be seen.

The population of Ulaanbaatar in the main mass consists of a monk (80 per cent), the remainder of which is from China, Russia and Korea. Only 1 per cent of the population belongs to immigrants from the United States, Australia and Canada. It is for this reason that Mongolian is the official language in Ulaanbaatar and the letter is being implemented with the help of the Kyrillians.

Ulaanbathor is considered a cultural and educational centre of Mongolia. The Academy of Sciences of Mongolia, Mongolia International University, Buddhist University of Dzanabadzar and other higher education institutions are located here. This town is famous for its amazing theatres and museums.

Природа Улан-БатораToday, Ulaanbathor is considered one of the world ' s most attractive tourist capitals. On the corners of this amazing city, representatives of all continents can be found.



1 221,000 (for 2012)




Дворец хана в Улан-Баторе4704, 4 km2

Population density

259, 5 persons/km2


Mongolian Tugric

Clock belt


Postal code

210 xxxx

International telephone code



In Ulaanbaatar, the climate is highly continental. The winter is very long and very severe and the summer is cold. The mean annual air temperature is -2, 5 °C. The amount of rainfall in Ulaanbaatar is minimal. Usually, they all come only for the summer, with winter in Mongolia ' s capital without snow. The winter air temperature is 30 °C and warms up to +18 °C in the summer.

It is best to come to this amazing city during the summer, where weather conditions are best suited to adapt humans. Possible heavy rains in the terrain are of a short duration, so they will not impede the examination of the capital of the Great Chingishan State.

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