Путешествие на Северное Гоа:

Useful Advice For Northern Goa Tourists

гоа отзывы туристов 2015Comparison of South-North Goa resorts, where do you want to rest? Description of the most famous beaches and advice in choosing the best for different recreational categories.

With a view to resting in Goa, tourists often face the problem of resort choice, because the northern and southern parts of the State are very different. It's hard to tell where it's best in the north or south of Goa, it's subjective. Below, we will tell you the characteristics and differences of these parts of the state on which you can make your choice.

North or South Goa, where is it?

The North Goa is a suitable place for those who do not wish to emphasize their importance and social status. North of the state has become popular with the hippie movement.где лучше на гоа север или юг His beaches have now been in love with supporters of other informal currents, young people who have a violent night lifestyle and dunshifts. There are low-cost hotels, more budget housing - gesthouses and the private sector.

The North is famous for trans-girls and youth festivals in the open air. Most beaches are loud and multi-human, respectively, suffering their purity. Besides, you're gonna have to get used to the species of sacred cows on the beaches that are banned here.

If a tourist is used to measuring the quality of hotel leave by stars, then he better rest on South Goa resorts. There are expensive and viable hotels, clean and most of their small beaches.где лучше отдыхать на гоа отзывы The main flaw of this relax is the lack of leisure. Except for beach entertainment, there's nothing to take.

For vacations with children, it is preferable to choose a hotel with a large area and its own beach, special meals, nanny services and animation. All this can be found in some hotels in the south of the state. According to tourists, it's not too good for North Goa to rest the young.

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