Фото страны Вьетнам

Useful Advice To Tourists In Vietnamese

Rest in Viet Nam has long attracted Russian tourists, not only to rest at sea, but also to attend amazing museums, to eat local sweets and to bring to friends and relatives the memorable souvenirs, which in Viet Nam are worth the hard copies.

We have provided seven councils that will make your stay in Vietnam as comfortable as possible.

1. How to pick a resort in Vietnam.

The Viet Nam coast can be divided into three parts: the northern, central and southern tourism region. Each of these regions is in their own right at a certain time of the year. In the southern part of the coast, for example, a pleasant dry climate occurs in December-April and in the centre of Viet Nam between April and August. The northern region is well placed to rest at any time of the year, as its weather conditions remain unchanged. If you're up to it. Rest in Viet Nam In June, you choose the Nyachang resorts, Danang and Hue. If you planned a spring trip, you'd better stop your choice on Moi Ne, Fanthiet and Wung Taw.

2. It's never too late to trade in Vietnam.

Without exception, Viet Nam ' s resort areas have shopping centres, markets, cafes, gift shops and shops. Although the cost of the product is very low and it seems even more fun to lower it, it's still gonna have to be traded. The seller can reduce the cost of a service or product almost twice: take advantage of this opportunity, especially if you eat not only a break at sea, but also a shopping trip.

3. About purity in Vietnam.

Viet Nam is a net country and its inhabitants do not give the impression of non-detectable Aboriginals (Viet Nam is one of the most cleanest countries in Asia). As tourism develops, the country is becoming more beautiful and exotic, attracting more travelers from Europe from year to year.

4. Transport will make your vacation more comfortable in Vietnam.

Several modes of transport (e.g. motor vehicle) can be used to move across the country. Rental of a metal painter would cost tourists $6-8 a day. On the road, however, great caution must be exercised and care must be taken, since the traffic in Viet Nam will not be called calm. Also, you can rent a car (from $20 a day), a minibus with a driver (from $70) or use a taxi (1 km = $1). The special popular use of sleeping bus is a bus that only travels at night. Passengers of the " night bus " can get a comfortable bedroom, as well as a delicious breakfast and dinner. The cost of night travel from Ho Chi Min to Nyachang would be $48.

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