Первая поездка в Китай. Чего

Visit To The Chinese Council

There should always be a hotel card written in Chinese or filled by any Chinese interpreter. It's not gonna make you lose sight of local streets and always explain to locals that you're a foreigner, because it's difficult to remember even a dozen local words.

Entry into the station area is strictly controlled and without a ticket in.


Respect is considered to be taken and given by both hands.


It is not safe to visit some areas along the border with Laos and Myanmar, as well as the Tibet area, which requires a special visa. Tibet is most comfortable to visit the group on a predetermined route.

In the street markets of Beijing, there is a need to be discreet - some sellers do not understand the alien, and pockets are often created in the fuss and volume of narrow trade series.

Photo and video film

Photo and video films in temples and museums are prohibited. In some places, only for additional fees. It is not recommended that public institutions and strategic facilities (even bridges and dams) be photographed. According to the new Penal Code, it is a criminal offence to take photographs without warning, as well as video recordings in public places where there are no appropriate permit plates.

Units of measurement

Metrical system. Frequently, a Chinese gin weight unit is used instead of a kilo, equal to about 0, 5 kg.


The power grid voltages 220 V., 50 Hz., the plugs meet both three-shank (west sample) and two-shank (both flat and round).


As of 1 May 2008, smoking has been prohibited in Beijing catering facilities. Prior to that, such restrictions had been imposed on smoking in taxi, public institutions, sports facilities, hotels and cinemas, as well as other public holidays. Violation of the ban on smoking will be punishable by a serious fine.

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