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Fukouk Island is Viet Nam ' s most famous and large island, located in the southern part of the country, in the waters of the Siamsk Bay. There are great sandy beaches, many hills and mountains, wild jungle and tropical forests.
Except for the beach, there's a lot of other interesting classes. Starting from the divine and tour of local sights to the eco-tour of the mountains or the jungle for a few days.
The island is a soft climate, temperatures are relatively stable, always warm. Best rest time from November to March.
We don't need a visa for Rossian to visit Fukukuk to 15 days! I mean, when you arrive at Hanoi airport, Nyachang or Hoshimina, you go to customs, you get stamped on your passport.

1. How to get
It's best to get to Fukuoka by using Moscow-Hoshymin flights and then from Hoshimin to Dwong-Dong by internal airlines. There's also a way to get to the island with sea voyages.

2. Play
Local beaches are an untouched coastline with several paradise beaches. They have not yet been fully explored, and this is what makes the coast of the island romantically attractive and beautiful, which no longer meets anywhere in the world.
Truong. It's a very attractive corner with a white sand beach extending 20 kilometres. There are many marine dwellers in coastal waters, and fishing conditions are perfect. There's a way to watch local fishermen and try the sea's gifts on the beach.
The Ganh Dau is located in the north of Fukouk Island on the border with Cambodia. Starting in Zyongdong, the coastline extends north through the Fukouk Island National Park, all this beautiful beach with blue ocean depths and white sand. Being on the Ganh Dau beach on a bright day, you can see Mount Ta Long in Cambodia. Don't miss the opportunity to take the admirable gifts of the sea.
Sao is located in the south, near An Tha and 30 km from Zyongdong. It's very quiet. There's not enough merchants here, so nothing's gonna stop enjoying the magnificent species. The quality of services on the beach was rather commendable, ranging from basic amenities (short and umbrella) to restaurants.
The Vung Bau is an Idillic beach in the north of the island near Dai Beach, 40 kilometres from Zyongdong, and would like those who would like to open Vietnam's green beach.
Bai Thom is a desert beach in the north of Fukuoka Island, 35 km from Zyongdong. This beach is quite private, which makes this place perfect for adventure distorting.
Bai Vong is located 8 kilometres from Zyongdong. It's a broad and small beach with white sand and a long palm alley. There's a good infrastructure and, as a bonus, it's on the beach Bai Vong that most get the best pictures.

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