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I love you, Zakintos!

On the west side of Pelopones, a small but very painting island of Zakintos was built. It's one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Greece. My friend for the month has chosen a place of rest and when he saw the Zakintos photo, he said he'd only come here and nowhere else.

For the first time, Zakintos mentioned Homer, who claimed that the godfather and ruler of the island was the son of the Troy King Zakinf. It was 1500 before N. Homer also calls another name, Iliess, which means "forest."
The islands are located in the west of Pelopones Island in only 17 kilometres, have a diameter of approximately 35 kilometres and is one of the most visited islands of the Greek archipelago. Every day, dozens of planes with tourists from different corners of Europe arrive here. The capital is the city of Zakintos.

One of the unique features of the Greek island of Zakintos is the presence of sea turtles of the Caretta Carretta. That's where they put eggs in the sand all over the shore, and then they put little turtles out. Many of the Zakintos beaches are a conservative zone and are heavily protected by environmental volunteers.

Rested on Zakintos Island at the Anastasia Beach Hotel from late August to mid-September. The rest time is 14 days. The Anastasia Beach Hotel is located in a small town of Laganas on line one. From the hotel room, you can go to the beach in some swimsuits. All of its stated three hotel stars justifies. The food is good, the good, the good, the sea is really 50 meters, the beach is gorgeous, even great, the staff is responsive and caring. The rooms are cozy, every room is a small refrigerator, a TV, a bathroom of phen, a shower cab, but you can crawl after the beach. We cleaned the room every day, even on weekends.

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